October 17, 2019


Non-Point Source Pollution Program
38 MRS § 410-H

In 1991 the Maine legislature enacted a Nonpoint Source Pollution Management statute to combat NPS pollution. The NPS Program is designed to implement “Best Management Practice” guidelines, which are determined by the Department of Environmental Protection in conjunction with other state agencies.
The NPS program includes:
  • assessment and strategy development
  • public education and training seminars
  • financial assistance for NPS-control projects
  • regulatory oversight
Within each category, waters are assigned a class rating of AA (best), A, B, and C. These ratings are then used to determine limits on licensed discharges of pollutants.

Additionally, an “Anti-Degradation Policy” provision is intended to prevent further decline of Maine’s waters. According the the policy, no license may be granted which authorizes additional discharges into a water body that doesn’t currently meet the minimum standards of its classification.

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Find out more about the NPS Program on the Maine Departmetn of Environmental Protection web site.