October 17, 2019


Maine Endangered Species Act
12 MRS § 7751-7759
In 1975 the state Legislature passed the Maine Endangered Species Act, in hopes of protecting vulnerable species from extinction. The Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife administers the Act and is responsible for monitoring resident fish and wildlife. Based on scientific studies, IF&W determines whether any species should be listed as either:
  • Endangered — at risk of becoming extinct in all or a significant portion of it’s range
  • Threatened — likely to become endangered in the foreseeable future
Where IF&W finds that a species merits either listing, it may make a recommendation to the legislature, which makes a final decision. Once a species is listed, IF&W develops protection guidelines, including protecting the species’ “essential habitat.” All activities which require a state or local permit within the habitat of an endangered or threatened species are subject to review by IF&W.Read the Act