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St. John map
Allagash photo
Allagash Falls (photo Jeff McEvoy)

Allagash Action Alert:
Support the Churcill Dam mitigation plan. Details


St. John Data:

Length: 410 miles (210 in Maine)

Drainage area: 21,230 square miles (7,360 in Maine)

Discharge at Mouth: 25.5 billion gallons/day on average.


Visit the EPA page for the upper St. John watershed.

Maine Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility Warn of Danger to Allagash River 
Entitled "Losing Paradise: The Allagash River Under Attack," the report criticizes proposed management plans for the Allagash. Read the full report in PDF format (589K).

Rivers, Streams, and Lakes in the St. John Watershed:

Allagash River
Armstrong Brook
Aroostook River
Baker Brook
Beaver Brook
Big Black River
Big Brook
Blackwater River
Blake Brook
Bluffer Brook
Boody Brook
Brailey Brook
Bull Brook
Burnt Land Brook
Burpee Brook
Caribou Brook
Caribou Stream
Carry Brook
Chandler Brook
Chandler Stream
Chase Brook
Chemquasabamticook Stream
Chimenticook Stream
Daigle Brook
Dead Brook
Depot Stream
Desolation Brook
Factory Brook
Farm Brook
Farrar Brook
Fish River
Five Finger Brook
Fivemile Brook
Gardner Brook
Glazier Brook
Greenlaw Brook
Greenlaw Stream
Halfway Brook
Hammond Brook
Hayden Brook
Hockenhull Brook
Horse Brook
Houlton Brook
Howe Brook
Knowles Brook
Little Black River
Little Brook
Little Musquacook Stream
La Pomkeag Stream
Libby Brook
Limestone Stream
Little Black Brook
Little Hudson Brook
Little Madawaska River
Meduxnekeag River
Musquacook Stream
Negro Brook
Petite Brook
Pockwock Stream
Robbins Brook
Russell Brook
St. Francis River
Schedule Brook
Smith Brook
Snare Brook
Soper Brook
Shields Brook
Thoroughfare Brook

One of the largest river basins on the East Coast, the St. John drains over  21,000 square miles of land. Its upper portions are some of the most remote stretches of river in all New England. 
The French explorer Samuel de Champlain named the river after sailing into its mouth on the Nativity of St. John the Baptist day in 1604.

A tributary, the Allagash, is a favorite canoeing destination. To protect this remarkable river, the state of Maine created the Allagash Wilderness Waterway, a Federally-designated "Wild and Scenic River."


Visit NRCM's Allagash Page, including petition to the state to improve management of the river

See the Allagash River Feature, including a report on threats to the river's future.

Read a guest editorial on the Allagash from the Bangor Daily News.

Read Jeff McEvoy's first-hand account and see images of his May 2000 canoe trip down the St. John.

Visit the National Park Service's Allagash page.


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