"St. Croix Watershed" state map

The St. Croix forms the eastern boundary between Maine and Canada. It has been heavily developed for electric power, reducing once prolific runs of anadromous fish. However, the river still claims the second largest Atlantic salmon run in the state.


Local Organizations:

St. Croix International Waterway Commission
PO Box 610
Calais, ME 04619
(Plans and facilitates management initiatives for the St. Croix River system)

St. Croix map
St. Croix Data:

Length: 62 miles

Drainage area: 1,500 square miles


Visit the EPA page for the St. Croix watershed.

See a profile on the St. Croix by Lee Sochasky, Executive Director of the St. Croix International Waterway Commission.

Rivers, Streams, and Lakes in the St. Croix Watershed:

Anderson Brook 
Big Lake 
Brown Brook 
Clifford Lake 
Clifford Stream 
E Musquash Lake 
Flipper Creek 
Grand Falls Flowage 
Grand Lake 
Greenleaf Brook 
Hound Brook 
Huntley Brook 
Junior Lake 
Lambert Lake 
Lindsey Brook 
Little Musquash Stream 
Little Tomah Stream 
Millberry Brook 
Monument Brook 
Musquash Stream 
Nashs Lake 
Oxbrook Lake 
Pleasant Lake 
Pocumus Lake 
Scott Brook 
Spednick Lake 
St Croix River 
Stony Brook 
Sysladobsis Lake 
Tomah Stream 
W. Musquash Lake 
Wabassus Lake 

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