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The lives of people in Maine have always been intimately intertwined with the region's waterways. This page offers glimpses of that relationship through history, literature, and art.

See a Maine Sunday Telegram retrospective story on how the Androscoggin powered the economy of central Maine.

Saw mill photo
See pictures and read about the old sawmills on Maine rivers.

Jewett picture Read an excerpt from Maine writer Sarah Orne Jewett's essay "The White Rose Road" describing pollution in the Great Works River in 1881.

Visit a gallery of Maine river images.

cabin illustration
Riverside log cabin such as Thoreau stayed in

canoe photo
Paddling the Penobscot circa 1880

Read an excerpt from Henry David Thoreau's The Maine Woods, recounting his travels up the Penobscot river in 1846.


log drive photo
See pictures and read about the log drives on Maine rivers.


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