November 19, 2019

Cobbossee “Upstream”

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Cobbossee Stream Powered Gardiner’s past…

Now let’s give the stream a future.

Cobbossee Stream in Gardiner

Cobbossee Stream in Gardiner

Cobbossee Stream continues to flow, gurgle and pulse through the remnants of its 200 year old economic history in downtown Gardiner, singing its wild and beautiful song as it reclaims its natural territory. The juxtaposition of abandoned dams, mills and factories intertwined with ashes, northern red oaks, beeches, beavers, eagles and ospreys are a surprising and hopeful sign of recovery of an often forgotten asset in our community.

Upstream is a local non-profit working to restore sea-run fish passage and ecological health to Cobbossee Stream.

Kennebec Journal article, 5/31/15: Group advocating for alewives in Cobbossee Stream

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