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Vision and persistence have been the hallmarks of Maine Rivers’ work over the past decade. We are clear in our mission as advocates for Maine’s rivers. As our most recent issue of Making Waves heads to print it’s gratifying to share some of the results of our work.

Some highlights of the last year include:
• Passage of the $5,000,000 Riverfront Development Bond. Maine people clearly stated that our rivers are important to our way of life. Maine Rivers will continue to follow the appointment of public members and also carefully watch applications as they come in.
• The removal of Ft. Halifax Dam on the Sebasticook River in Winslow will proceed.
• $20 million has been raised for the Penobscot River restoration project.
• In a landmark decision, Maine’s Supreme Court upheld the Board of Environmental Protection’s order that required Florida Power and Light to limit its winter drawdown of Flagstaff Lake, thus protecting water quality in the lake and the Kennebec River, which it feeds.

While there is much to celebrate there is still much work to be done. Efforts to improve the water quality on the Androscoggin River continue to move along slowly. Our work to make science the basis of decision-making for alewife reintroduction in the St. Croix has met with opposition, but we will continue to push for reopening fishways on the river.

We also have work to do to increase the network of our friends and supporters.
Whether you are a recreational canoe paddler, a serious kayaker, a rafter, an angler, a birder, or one who simply loves rivers for their intrinsic beauty, please join with us. We recently adopted a goal of 1,000 active members to support our work. We know there are enough people who share our passion and concern to meet this goal. Please join us in our work. Please share our message with your friends. If you would like to learn more about our work, contact us.

We are relentless advocates for Maine’s rivers, and for the creatures that depend on those rivers for their livelihoods and their very existence, and for the people who love those rivers and want to protect them.
We need the support of individuals to continue our work. We need your support!

Lia Morris
Maine Rivers
Board of Directors


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