"Kennebec Watershed" state map

Originating from Moosehead Lake and the Moose River, the Kennebec flows gently for much of its course. 

The river had perhaps the most magnificent runs of anadromous fish on Maine's coast. Atlantic salmon, alewives, shad, sturgeon and striped bass all swarmed far upstream to spawning grounds. The fish were decimated, however, by dams and pollution.

With the removal of Edwards Dam in July 1999, however, and more stringent discharge controls, the Kennebec is recovering (Read more about the Kennebec restoration).


Kennebec Data:

Length:  230 miles

Drainage Area: 5,870 square miles (above Merrymeeting Bay)

Discharge at Merrymeeting Bay: 5,893 million gallons/day (avg.)

Wild Atlantic salmon fry from Worromontogus Stream, a Kennebec tributary. This is one of the few wild Atlantic salmon left in the U.S. (photo: Doug Watts)

Local Organizations:

Belgrade Regional Conservation Alliance/Kennebec Highlands Project
P.O. Box 250
Belgrade Lakes, ME 04918 
207- 397- 5945

Friends of the Kennebec Salmon
P.O. Box 2473
Augusta, ME 04338

Friends of Merrymeeting Bay
P.O. Box 233
Richmond, Maine 04357

Lower Kennebec Regional Land Trust
P.O. Box 1128
Bath, ME 04530 

Old Fort Western
16 Cony Street 
Augusta, Maine 04330
207- 626-2835
207- 626-2304

Sebasticook River Watershed Association
P.O. Box 486
Unity, ME 04988-0486








Kennebec map


Kennebec photo
Foam from an upstream paper
mill on the Kennebec in
Augusta (photo: D.S. Miller)

Visit the EPA page for  the Lower Kennebec watershed.

River Profiles:

Messalonskee Stream

Sebasticook River

The Maine Department of Transportation is planning to construct a new highway bridge across the Kennebec in Augusta: read their Environmental Impact Statement on this project.

Rivers, Streams, and Lakes in the Kennebec Watershed:

Alder Stream 
Annabessacook Lake 
Attean Pond 
Austin Pond 
Austin Stream 
Bagadasset River 
Belgrade Stream 
Black Brook 
Black Stream 
Bog Stream 
Brassua Lake 
Brassua Stream 
Bunny Brook 
Carrabasset River 
Carrabasset Stream 
Chain Lakes
Chase Stream 
China Lake 
Churchill Stream 
Cobbosseecontee Lake 
Cold Stream 
Craigin Stream
Dead River  
E Br Sebasticook River 
East Pond 
Eastern River 
Emeden Pond Enchanted Stream 
Fall Brook 
First Roach Pond 
Flagstaff Lake 
Fifteen Mile Stream 
Fillibrown Brook 
Fish Brook 
Gillman Pond 
Great Moose Lake 
Great Pond 
Halfmoon Stream 
Halfway Brook 
Heald Stream 
Higgins Brook 
Indian Pond 
Indian Stream 
Kennebec River 
Kibby Stream 
King And Bartlett Lake 
Lake Wassookeag 
Lemon Stream 
Lilly Bay Brook 
Little Indian Stream
Little Spencer Stream 
Long Pond 
Lucky Brook 
Lutton Brook
Maranacook Lake 
Martin Stream 
Messalonskee Lake 
Mill Stream 
Misery Stream
Moose River 
Moosehead Lake
Moxie Pond  
Muddy Brook 
Nash Stream
North Pond 
Orbeton Stream 
Outlet Stream 
Pierce Pond 
Pleasant Lake 
Pleasant Pond 
Pleasant Pond Stream
Roach River 
Sandy River 
Sandy Stream 
Sebasticook Lake 
Sebasticook River 
S B Alder Stream 
Salmon Stream 
Socatean Stream 
Spencer Lake 
Spencer Stream 
Spring Lk 
Squaw Brook 
Statton Brook
Stony Brook  
Temple Stream 
Threemile Pond 
Tim Brook
Tomhegan Stream
Togus Pond 
Torsey Lake 
Unity Pond 
Webber Pond 
Wesserunsett Lake 
Wesserunsett Stream 
Whipple Pond 
Wilson Pond 
Wilson Stream 
Wing Brook 
Wood Pond 
Worromontogus Stream

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