November 19, 2019

Maine River Restoration Successes

We celebrate the achievements of individuals and groups across the state who work for cleaner, safer, and healthier rivers.









Shorey’s Brook Dam Removal Now Complete

The Dam on Shorey’s Brook in South Berwick was removed in fall of 2011.

Seacoast Online July 7, 2011

Maine Rivers Fall 2011 Newsletter


 Sedgeunkedunk Stream Freed From Two Dams

Fish populations are quickly rebounding after the removal of two dams blocking fish passage on the Sedgeunkedunk Stream. The Mill Dam in Brewer was removed in 2009 and the Meadow Dam in Orrington in 2010.

WCSH 6 Story, June 18, 2010

Bangor Daily News, July 15, 2010

Town of Orrington Project Review


West Winterport Dam Removed

In the summer of 2010 the West Winterport dam, located on a tributary of the Penobscot River, was removed.  Because of this project, more than 80 miles of previously inaccessible habitat were made available to anadromous fish.

West Winterport PDF


Fort Halifax Dam Removed

The Fort Halifax Dam in Winslow, Maine at the confluence of the Sebasticook River and the Kennebec River, was removed in July 2008

Fort Halifax PDF


10th Anniversary of Edwards Dam Removal on the Kennebec

Ten years after one of the largest dam removals in US history, the Kennebec River has come alive.  The ecological restoration has been astounding.

NRCM Press Release

Benefits of Removal (NRCM) PDF