November 19, 2019

One River, One Ocean: June 2-14, 2018

Inspiration Androscoggin

Androscoggin River Awareness Journey and Fundraiser

A River Awareness Journey down the Androscoggin, from Errol, NH to Topsham, ME


One River~One Ocean

When:  Saturday, June 2, 8am – Thursday, June 14, 6pm

Where: Androscoggin River

One woman’s river awareness journey down the Androscoggin~~~

From Jen Deraspe:

There is a change in the air, in our climate. The institutions and systems based in truth will prevail. Honoring a moral code towards ourselves, each other, every living being and this living earth is of the highest order.  I am inviting you to get involved in making positive change for our environment, and therefore, ourselves and the generations that follow.  Change in consciousness continues to evolve and from a grass roots level we will change the way we go about the way we make and live our decisions. We are at a cross roads, status quo or positive change?

I am a Registered Maine Guide, retreat leader  and founder of Nurture Through Nature Retreat Center,  in Denmark, Maine, interested in bringing a voice to the Androscoggin River, its history, heritage and evolution in our culture. My intention is increase awareness about water quality and raise money for an environmental non-profit organization that includes in its mission and vision water and natural resource protection. I grew up on this river and have a deep appreciation for it. I am grateful to be in collaboration with MaineRIvers.Org whose mission is to protect, restore and enhance the ecological health of Maine’s river systems.

I will be paddling its length and sharing what is discovered along the way.

Please join me for the culminating celebration, where this majestic river meets the sea,  at the Sea Dog Brewing Company, 1 Bowdoin Mill Island #100, Topsham, ME on June 14, 4-6pm. Special thanks to Sea Dog Brewing for donating the space for this event.